Cabinetry and Bath: Vanities from Ubath and More

ubath cabinentry and bath with vanity

Beautiful marble flooring by Ubath

In home design, bathrooms are often given the least attention. Usually the smallest room in the house, bathrooms are easy to overlook, especially when undergoing a renovation that impacts the whole house. However, with the right products and design elements, a bathroom can easily transition into a relaxing, spa-like space or glamorous dressing room. Vanities and other bathroom fixtures aren’t merely necessities in a bathroom, but can also greatly influence the aesthetics and functionality of a space. We are pleased to feature a variety of bathroom décor options, including vanities from Ubath, to help enhance your bathroom’s offerings.

Whether you are seeking a minimalistic approach or a trendier scheme, Ubath’s vanities, along with our other cabinetry and accessory selections, have resulted in visually stunning products for any taste that are as durable as they are attractive. Our selection of materials, finishes, and hardware allow you to make your bathroom as customizable as you can imagine without compromising your functional needs.

From classic ceramic built in sinks to raised wash-basins, our bathroom fixtures feature superior craftsmanship and premium materials for the ultimate design and utility. With our bath products, we continue to provide our customers with the best value and quality for home design and renovation. View more tile flooring options here.