Waterjet Design Cutting

Waterjet Mosaic Design

Interior design and home decor are an unlimited process. You are your own designer and the best part is, you can decide on how to bring your very own space to life. The way you design and decorate your home is what gives it a name and a personality. If you are one to make a bold statement, flash some attention with a patterned accent wall, a grand staircase, or your favorite wall frame. Lately, mosaic designs in flooring, walls, or backsplashes are a striking trend. Waterjet cutting for stone, tile, ceramics, or porcelain are the safest and most precise alternative for creating complex designs on hard materials in contrast to plasma torches, routers, or electrical discharge machining. There are plenty of intricate designs that waterjet can generate. Explore the following waterjet designs and benefits.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

The abrasive waterjet cutting method is ideal for tough and thick materials or the production of inlays. Waterjet is a computerized technology that cleanly and efficiently cuts through materials with the use of a high-intensity pump. This pump is able to generate water pressure up to 60,000 psi. In the process, a granular abrasive is added to the water stream. This accelerates the power of the stream, resulting in a precise cut. Abrasive waterjets can cut through:

  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Tiles

Engraved Artistry

There’s no going wrong with marble, especially if you crave elegance. Waterjet can even engrave designs through these extremely hard materials. Spark a dramatic and powerful look by decorating your home with geometric and baroque inspired patterns. Bold statements like these are what turn an ordinary living space into a home.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet can cut through materials considered “un-machinable” by other cutting methods. You can produce complex shapes or designs with accuracy and precision. Due to the cold-cutting method, waterjet cutting does not heat or distort materials, enabling a clear cut. This also reduces the risk of burns. Another major advantage of waterjet cutting is that it avoids hazardous waste such as fumes, gases, or chemical pollution. This tool will minimize the cutting process with a more defined result. Some additional benefits are the following:

  • Precise finish
  • Reduced waste of raw material
  • No toxic fumes
  • No blade
  • Able to cut through tough materials
  • Eliminates the risk of discoloring or deformation

Mosaic Patterns

Whether you want to create chevron or quatrefoil for a design, waterjet will do the job. It can produce geometrically detailed patterns to create that accent wall or flooring you’ve always dreamed of. In addition, if you or other homeowners are struggling to find the tools needed to make a section of your home stand out, waterjets can produce your very own custom design.

Layered Tiles

Popular in ceilings and walls are layered designs. This is one way of providing an effect of illusion and depth in the room. Also, choose how you want to sculpt the material, whether it is marble or ceramics. With the layering of the material from the waterjet, you can bring lasting dimension and art to your living space.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic designs are a very trendy and modern alternative to consider. The capabilities of waterjet are endless. It can even handle metal materials! The use of metal in your home will bring reflective elements and natural impressions that no other material will.

Making Dreams a Reality

At Go Mobile Flooring, we serve others to give them the greatest result. What you’ve once dreamed of, we can make happen. With a simple call or online quote, we can start your next project. See our limitless varieties when we bring our mobile showroom to homes in the Tampa area. Contact us today for more information.

Manufacturer Spotlight: UMI Stone

Manufacturer Spotlight: UMI Stone

Go Mobile Flooring, which serves Tampa and the surrounding areas, is proud to partner with respected companies and artisans. We pride ourselves on working with the highest quality vendors of premium flooring, cabinetry and countertops. In addition, we work to bring our customers the latest design trends. Allow us to introduce you to one of our manufacturer: UMI Stone.

Manufacturer Spotlight: UMI Stone

Family Owned and Operated

UMI (United Materials, Inc.) Stone is a family owned and operated business with showrooms and warehouses in Tampa, Naples, and Boynton Beach. UMI is an importer and wholesaler of natural stone slabs and tiles. As a result, UMI has forged relationships with some of the most unique quarries in the world.  These long-term relationships have led to the import of some of the rarest and most exquisite natural stones available today. This means UMI Stone offers our Go Mobile Flooring customers a selection that they literally can’t find anywhere else.

Supplying the Best

Over the years, UMI Stone has generated preferential agreements among their suppliers and is therefore able to guarantee a steady supply of the most unique flooring options in the world. With over a half a million square feet of inventory,  UMI has a variety of finishes and formats on hand at all times. Best of all, UMI Stone is dedicated to bringing all of its clients, including Go Mobile Flooring, the latest and greatest. As design trends change and adapt to customer needs, UMI works with their suppliers to expand their offerings.

Quality Partners

Go Mobile Flooring works with quality partners, like UMI Stone, so we can provide our Tampa Bay area customers with the best choices and latest design options in flooring, cabinetry, and more. Our mobile showroom gives customers a firsthand look at our wide selection from the comfort of their home. Plus, our expert staff can provide a free consultation and measurements so that customers understand the scope and cost for any job before work begins.

If you’d like to have our mobile showroom visit your neighborhood, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you the flooring design options of your dreams!

15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

The look of granite in your bathroom immediately brings an air of sophistication to the space. Whether using a black granite or a more subtle white or gold, granite countertops are a terrific choice for your bathroom. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Also, granite is one of the strongest natural stones on earth, and its scratch resistant. Consequently, installing granite bathroom countertops instantly extends your bathroom’s life. Below are 15 of the most popular choices of granite for bathroom countertops:

15 Most Popular Choices For Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite Options with Brown Overtones

  • Santa Cecilia Granite
    If you’ve been out to eat lately, you’ve probably seen this popular granite countertop in the restroom of your favorite restaurant. The light and dark brown coloring makes it an easy match with a variety of colors. It’s also good at hiding any spills or dirt.
  • Spectrus Granite
    This granite is native to Brazil and defined by its deep, brown veins and reflective surface.
  • Juparana Gold Waves Granite
    Looks exactly like it’s name – it’s a lavish golden-hued granite perfect for brown cabinets.
  • Juparana Classic Granite
    Any homeowner in the market for granite countertops has no doubt encountered this mainstay of residential bathrooms.
  • Giallo Ornamental Granite
    Versatile, this granite comes in different finishes to fit your needs.
  • AJ Brown Granite
    This super-exotic granite offers a mix of dark brown, gold and tan veins.
  • Desert Gold Granite
    Made up of tiny flecks of brown and gold, lighting can make this granite sparkle.
  • Delicatus Granite
    Get a different look when using this granite and a textured “leather” finish.

Granite Options with White Overtones

  • River White Granite
    This creamy white granite is laced with subtle crimson and brown veins for an unassuming look.
  • Kashmir White Granite
    Dove grey accents are littered throughout this white granite for a completely different aesthetic.
  • Royal Ivory Granite
    Best for lighter accent colors, this bright granite brightens any bathroom.
  • King Ivory Granite
    Tiny flecks of tan and brown are scattered throughout this ivory-based granite for a sophisticated look.

Granite Options with Black Overtones

  • Absolute Black Granite
    There is no mistaking this granite countertop. Applying different finishes will enhance its striking black color. These finishes will also increase its durability.
  • Black Marinace Granite
    This granite has larger gray, white and silver deposits giving it the look of a rock-filled river bed. A different, but still elegant option for granite bathroom countertops.
  • Virginia Mist Granite
    A semi-exotic granite, Virginia Mist granite comes in a variety of finishes giving you options for your bathroom.

If you want to learn more about any of the above granite types, contact Go Mobile Flooring today. We’ll be happy to bring our mobile showroom to your front door. We also offer free consultations and quotes. Serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas, Go Mobile Flooring is your one-stop shop for all of your flooring and countertop needs.

The Benefits of Marble Countertops

The Benefits of Marble Countertops

Among the finest choices available to upgrade your kitchen are marble countertops. They are beautiful, functional, and durable. People who have had them will have nothing else.

Think of marble as the jeans of countertops — they will work better and better while wearing and aging gracefully, giving them a unique and organic character.   – Apartment Therapy

Marble is a metamorphic rock that contains crystallized limestone. The raw material is quarried, and its sedimentary form is pressurized and heated to extreme levels. The crystallization process yields a beautiful whitish stone.

The Benefits of Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops are Readily Availability:

Some people think marble is very rare and needs to be shipped from Italy or some exotic region of the world. This is not true; it is fairly easy to find locally, and there are many options as to colors and patterns.

Marble Countertops are Beautiful:

No one would question that marble countertops are exceptionally beautiful.

Rich with crystals and color variations, marble comes in a variety of shades, including white, cream, black, green and pink.

The natural patterns and colors combine to make marble an awesome upgrade in your kitchen. No two marble countertops are the same; each has it’s own charm and beauty!

Marble Countertops are Heat Resistant:

. . . they are heat resistant also; they can stand against all the hot pots and pans.

This seems like an obvious thing, but you don’t want to risk having a countertop that will show burn marks. Additionally, marble countertops, because they are stone, will cool your kitchen.

A Few Notes About Maintenance:

Marble is comparatively soft and is therefore susceptible to stains and etching. The up side is that the quality of marble absorbs scratches and stains in an amazing “aging” process. Many people think it adds tremendous charm. Nevertheless, most etching and stains can be avoided by having the marble countertops sealed after installation, regular clean-up, and awareness of certain items that stain.

When upgrading your kitchen, consider marble countertops. One expert made the choice and over a year later said this:

I love the countertops. After a year and a half of living with marble, I find it elegant, cool, and bright. It’s lovely to work on, and easy to clean.   – Faith Durand

Our specialists at Go Mobile Flooring would love to hear from you if you have any questions. Call us today at: (813) 605-1849.