GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types

If you surveyed 100 people about their artistic views, you would get 100 different responses. It’s the same thing with tastes about flooring types. Some like the appeal and class of hardwood, some like the warmth and comfort of carpeting and when it comes to color, texture, sheen, durability, and costs, it would be nearly impossible to arrive at a consensus. That is why combining flooring types is a valid consideration.

Personal taste and a home’s design ultimately guide the decor’s direction. When you want to mix flooring types, however, you will need to think about continuity and flow. By chopping up the flow of a space haphazardly with different flooring materials, you will make it appear disjointed or broken up. A home should flow effortlessly without being too bland or too mismatched. So, go ahead. Use a mix of wood, tile and carpet. Just do it in a way that makes practical and decorative sense.
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Here are a few examples of combinations that are commonly used:

Combining Flooring Types: HARDWOOD AND CARPET

The natural beauty of hardwood is amazing, but it lacks the warmth and coziness of carpeting. By sectioning off a special area for carpeting, this can produce the best of both worlds. If the colors and patterns work together, the result will be dramatic.

Combining Flooring Types: CARPET AND TILE

Similarly, tile and carpet can achieve the same thing. Metal strips are available to make the transition from one to the other seamless. Tile is flexible and is great in kitchen areas where spills are likely. In a home with a great room, there may be no clear barrier between the kitchen area and the living room area. Going from tile to carpeting can be the perfect way to maintain the openness while at the same time providing a different feel in each area.

GMF - Combining Flooring Types

Combining Flooring Types: TILE AND HARDWOOD

There is no reason to rule out combinations that do not include carpeting. Hardwood and tile can work well together as well. Remember to consider texture, color, patterns, and sheen when mixing tile and hardwood. If the colors are close, it may turn out like a mismatch.  If they are too contrasting, it may seem gaudy or unattractive.
So in summary, let’s keep all options open. There are wonderful and affordable choices available. Go Mobile Flooring can bring our mobile showroom to you so you can see a plethora of possibilities. If you have an eye for design, the challenge of combining floor types ought to be a great opportunity to use your skills. If you don’t have that ability, no problem, we can give you expert advice.
flooring trends 2016

3 New Flooring Trends in 2016

Radio stations this time of year are playing the greatest hits from the past year. 2016 is upon us and instead of looking back we want to help you look forward to what is to come in flooring trends. Some flooring trends are timeless others are very modern, while others seem to be put a new spin an a traditional technique. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any flooring trends you see below.

flooring trends 2016

Here are three flooring trends for 2016 we will be looking at:

  • Creative Flooring Combo Trends
  • Modern Angle Flooring Design Trends
  • Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

Creative Combo Flooring Trends

The first image in the gallery below is a simple combo with concrete and wood. This organic look is simple yet still honors sustainable design. This combination is perfect for any style home but works best in a modern space.

Aparici double fired tiles and bathroom

Aparici moving tiles double fired show style and elegance. They are not for the faint of heart or those not willing to take a risk. The tiles are busy, but mixing them properly can be a talking piece for guests when entertaining. Bathrooms cannot benefit from mixed material as well as mixed color and seamless transitions. Aparici Waterford Castle Hotel bathroom is a fabulous example using black and white tiles on trend for 2016.

41zero42 adding character to a space

This Italian design combines two materials to exude style. Pay attention to the unique use of mixing piece colors. This is a great approach to helping add character to a large space.

Creative flooring combo gallery

Modern Angle Flooring Trends

Parquet floors have been making strides over the last decade. 2016 will bring floors composed of short trips, unique patterns, and inlays of diverse woods and materials to the forefront.

Tex Hex tiles in porcelain in matte and mixed-finish black and cream by Artistic Tile. These are great for smaller space as they will give an appearance of a larger space. Take note to lay them out in a diverse and random order for a truly unique look. Also, symmetrical large tile pieces can be angled to add a unique style to an otherwise boring space.

Perfect tile trends for 2016

Ceramica Sant’Agostino porcelain tiles can have a grain texture that can portray carpet while still having the durability of tile. To conclude our look at modern angle flooring trends we look at the featured image. is an artist that has decided to bless us with angular design fit for 2016. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any tile flooring trends.

Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

The last, but certainly not least, flooring trends we will look at today is about the richest most elegant of styles. There are two stunning examples of luxury flooring and precious stone work that we’d like to share with you. Remember that Go Mobile Flooring has many options. We can always find alternatives to meet your budget, but gold has innate value, so keep this in mind as you explore trends below.

Sicis, the world is a mosaic

Sicis is more than just flooring. They are a design brand that has products ranging from doors to jewelry and watches to furniture… and everything in between. They are trailblazers of the mosaic and have built a company and a brand around that style. The images below show the Sicis gold collection. This consists of mosaic for walling decor to compliment tile flooring.

Lapicida the stone specialist

Lapicida is from English origin and in its origin is acclaimed stone cutter. They cut, prepare and maintain the finest stones in all of Europe. Lapicida has served royalty and are a brand of elegance and bravado. We have listed a video below to show more about this amazing company and brand.

Luxury and stone flooring gallery

Lapicida has beautiful work that can be seen here (feel free to rewind or watch the entire video if you are interested in the history of these fine craftsmen):

Best installers for modern floors in 2016

Go Mobile Flooring (AKA would love to help you with your project. We have stunning tile, hardwood, laminate and many more options to make your home on trend for 2016 and many years to come. Remember that upgrading your floors is the best way to increase home value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Protect Floors from Holiday

Holiday Floor Protection

In Tampa Florida there is not a lot of worries from salt, snow and dirt coming into your home this holiday season. However, we believe in a holiday floor protection strategy. The following article will help floors look and feel great during and after the holidays, especially if you live near the beach. Sand from the beach can be just as damaging as salt or snow. Some of the benefits of having a holiday floor protection plan:

Protect Floors from Holiday with a holiday floor protection plan

Protect floors from the holidays

We suggest doormats, furniture pads and shoe trays for the best protection of your floors this holiday season.


The best way to keep dirt outside is with a festive doormat. Doormats greet your guests and protect your floors. Remember do not get too creative. Guests might think it is to festive for them to wipe their feet on. A simple but fun holiday greeting mat will suffice. Frontgate has some beautiful options. For the budget conscience check out Overstock for doormats.

Furniture Pads

Save your back, get furniture pads. Amazon has a plethora of offerings and fast shipping. Part of protecting your floors is thinking ahead to what your guests might do. Moving a couch that has padding instead of grinding it along your new wood floors can ruin the mood. Plan ahead and make a small investment for your floors.

Shoe Trays

As guests arrive you need to tell them where to place shoes. If you have a household rule stick to it and make it clear. The best way for this to be comfortable for everyone is to have an area with a shoe tray for your guests. We suggest a rubber shoe tray. This might not be large enough, so make certain to accommodate all of your guests. Be careful about purchasing a shoe tray with a drip grid unless you plan on keeping it outside.

Also, for the pets that just “magically” appear in addition to your guests… shoe trays can be great for containing dog and cat bowls and the spillage that will accompany them.

Benefits of holiday floor protection

Remember a simple, but often forgotten step. When preparing to entertain guests save cleaning the floors for last. Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or a combination, cleaning your floors first only to then have a spill before your guests arrive can be very frustrating. Save the stress and wait until the last minute to clean the floors.

If you follow these simple steps your holiday floor protection plan should be effective and seamless to your home, your guests and the festivities that bring us all together. Following these steps will help you keep floors looking new and clean for many holidays to come.

Give the gift of new floors!

Get a free quote for your new floors. This can be a perfect gift for the holidays and new year. Or call us: 813.540.5958

Buyers Guide Pet Friendly Flooring

Buyer’s Guide: Pet Friendly Flooring

Buyers Guide Pet Friendly Flooring

When you’re looking for new floors, you want to make sure they are the best choice for every member of your family – even the four-legged ones. Pet owners, in particular, have a few extra issues to keep in mind when choosing pet friendly flooring.

The best floors for your pets will be:

  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Textured for traction

We’ve pulled together some flooring options as well as descriptions of their level of pet friendliness below.

Pet Friendly Carpet Flooring

While your furry friends may love the luxurious feel of carpeting, your human guests may not enjoy the allergens that may collect or the difficulty of cleaning up the messes pets can leave behind. But, that doesn’t mean carpet is out altogether.

There are plenty of pet-friendly carpet options that will work in a low-traffic area like a bedroom. There are just a couple of things that pet owners should look out for when selecting carpeting.

First, choose a carpet without loops – a cut pile carpet. Placing looped carpets like Berber in a home with pets is a recipe for damage – to the carpet and your pets claws. Finally, make sure the cut pile carpet you select has been pre-treated for stain resistance. Clean ups will be easier, pet hair will come up better when you vacuum, and fewer odors will cling to the carpeting.

Pet Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors give your home a warm, welcoming feel. They are great for keeping allergens under control, but they may not always be the best choice for homes with pets. Many hardwood floors can be susceptible to stains and scratches, but there are still options for pet owners who love hardwood floors.

When it comes to pet friendly hardwood flooring, the harder the wood, the better it will be at resisting scratches. Wood floors like oak, maple, walnut and bamboo are harder and more pet friendly. Homeowners with large animals should avoid softer woods like pine or chestnut.

You can also preserve your new floors from pet-related damage with a high quality coat of urethane, to offer extra protection from scratches and stains.

Pet Friendly Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can bring the look of hardwood into your home, with the added benefit of stain and scratch resistance. Easy to clean and durable, laminate flooring can be very pet friendly with one important caveat: traction. Many laminate floors available to homeowners are slick and smooth, which can make it difficult for your pet to maintain its footing and can lead to injury. So, if you’re looking for a pet friendly laminate flooring option, you will want to select laminate floors with a textured surface to prevent slipping.

Pet Friendly Tile Flooring

Tile floors, especially stone tiles, are a wonderful choice for homes with pets. These hard surfaces won’t be damaged by your pets’ claws, are water and stain resistant, and are exceptionally easy to clean. You have the option to use coarser stone tile floors or ceramic tile with a textured finish to aid with traction. You could even select faux wood tiles to get the look of wood, but still have the ultimate pet-friendly flooring.

With tile and any hard surfaced pet-friendly flooring options, you want to make sure you make good use of rugs and pet beds so that your furry friends have places to lay down comfortably.

If you have more questions about finding the perfect pet friendly flooring for your home schedule your schedule your free consultation today.