Home Buyers Prefer Hardwood Floors

Home Buyers Prefer Hardwood Floors

The party was going great. People were having fun. Toward the end of the evening someone left an impression that you and your carpet will never forget. Bob spilled their wine glass and for the rest of time your carpet will remember this spill. There has been a dramatic change over the past decade where younger generation buyers are specifically looking for hardwood floors.

54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors and feel it is very important – National Association of Realtors, USA Today

Hardwood floors are wanted

Not only do hardwood floors increase the value of a home but they also increase the life of your flooring environment. Good carpeting typically lasts around 10 years. While some hardwood floors can last 30 years (or more). This is an easy way to improve home value. There might be a slight increase in costs over carpet flooring, however, if the floors last three times as long then it is worth it.  Here is a quick math example:

Hardwood floors cost $9,000

Carpet floors cost $5,000

In the above example, if we assume the carpet lasts 10 years and the hardwood floors 30 years, the financial investment of hardwood floors is worth it. The carpet floors will need to be replaced at year 10 (now your cost is $10,000) and then again at year 20 (now your cost is $15,000) while your hardwood floors are still fine. You add value with a time based investment — smart.

Hardwood floors are easy

Entertaining guests is less stressful with hardwood floors. Cleaning a hardwood floor spill compared to a carpet spill just isn’t fair. There are a few products that can make your life easier: Bona floor cleaner products and the Roomba iRobot are both must have tools to maintain your floor. Check back soon as we have an article coming out on products for maintaining your hardwood, laminate and tile floors.

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