Flooring Options to Reduce Noise on Your Second Floor

Flooring Options to Reduce Noise on Your Second Floor

We’ve all heard footsteps and other ruckus on the floor above us at least once or twice. Not only is it disruptive, but it’s just straight up irritating. It’s no wonder some people prefer one story homes or to be put on the last floor of an apartment complex. Even still, there are those whose dreams are to have a two-story home, and many who currently live in one. If that’s you, you’re probably thinking of ways to reduce noise and avoid the commotion from above. Lucky for you, there are flooring options you can consider to help get rid of the noise on your ceiling. This will provide a better environment for your family as well as guests.

Flooring to Reduce Noise

While hardwood is an all-time favorite, it may not be the best option for your second story to reduce noise. One alternative is laminate flooring. In addition to being less noisy than hardwood, it is also warmer underfoot. With laminate, you can customize it to your style preference. With wood-look laminates, you can still carry out your favorite hardwood design with the quality of laminate flooring. Improvements in the structure and design of laminate have led to a variety colors and finishes. Additionally, laminate flooring provides durability and easy maintenance. To achieve maximum comfort and peace, investing in padded underlay will provide yet another layer of protection against noise and damage.


Probably the most famous and widely known for its comfort is carpet. It is not only a great option to block out noisy footsteps, but it will most likely be the most comfortable underfoot. Installing padded underlay will only add to that comfort. Another benefit of carpet is that it is good at absorbing sound. This averts any irritation from footsteps and commotion to those below. Carpet is available in various colors and textures. There are four main types of carpet constructions:

  • Cut Pile
  • Berber (Loop)
  • Patterned Loop
  • Freize

Among the four, you can decide on your preference of color, design, and texture. The majority of carpet styles are plush and loop. Depending on preference, homeowners can choose between smooth, textured, twisted, and shaggy carpet. All serve their unique purposes. But if your goal is to level down on noise, the thickest carpet available will be a great match and better yet, more comfortable to walk on barefoot. It’s a win-win!

Soundproofing to Reduce Noise

Underlayment options are a great one to consider. Although it is an extra step in the installation process, you’ll be glad about your decision in the long run. The primary purpose of underlayment is to make your flooring surface more smooth and even for any installations above it. In addition to that, they also make for a softer platform underfoot and help to reduce noise. Some underlayment materials include foam or cork, which are typically installed underneath carpet or laminate flooring. The softer kinds of underlayment, which often come in rolls of foam or cork, are great choices to block noise. Quite the contrary, there are also cement underlayment options that sustain harder materials such as ceramic, hardwood, or porcelain tile.

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A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

A Parent’s Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring options, one must consider many things. As important as it is to install flooring that blends well with your style and home ambiance, comfort is just as crucial. Especially if you have little ones roaming around the house. For rooms that get a lot of activity from children, it is essential to know which kid-friendly flooring options to choose from. Consider flooring that is durable enough to withstand constant usage without damage. The following kid-friendly flooring options will be great preferences for your home.A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options


The soft and comfortable benefits of carpet make it an easy option for kid-friendly flooring. With all their playing and falling, your young ones will be safer as opposed to other hard surface flooring. As forgiving as carpet can be, make sure to regularly clean your carpets to avoid accumulated dirt and dust from forming. The cleaner the environment, the healthier your child will be. Whether you are decorating a nursery or living room, consider carpet flooring for your home.


Although certain hardwood flooring can be non-scratch resistant and subject to wear and tear, there are many routes you can take to ensure a safe and complacent environment for kids. The benefits of hardwood flooring are its abilities to last long and be easy to clean. Though the surface may not be the safest kid-friendly flooring option, you can consider purchasing stylish rugs or play mats to do the job. Also, some hardwood have natural dents and scratches which makes accidental scratches less obvious.


Being abundant in styles and colors, easy to clean, and durable, laminate is another possibility for kid-friendly flooring options. Laminate provides stylish luxury to your home while still granting safety and scratch-resistant benefits for areas that undergo constant movement. Laminate flooring is also very easy to install and goes well in just about any room of your home! If you’re stuck between hardwood and tile, laminate is an alternative. Laminate has a more comfortable surface than pure hardwood, is often times more affordable, and most importantly, is safer for young children to play on. Consider laminate and have some fun choosing your design.

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Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Best Kitchen Flooring Options

The kitchen is often the highest trafficked area in your home. Depending on the layout of your home, it might be the room that everyone passes through to get from the back porch to the living room to the second floor. Regardless of the layout, however, kitchens are busy; it’s where the food is, after all. Therefore, finding a durable, attractive flooring option for the kitchen is key. Let’s review some of the best kitchen flooring options available.

Best Kitchen Flooring Options


Hardwood flooring has many benefits, including being:

  • More stylish, easier on your feet, and longer-lasting
  • Easier to refinish and re-style to fit with changing interior home decor trends
  • Hardwood flooring often increases a home’s re-sell value


Tile flooring has similar benefits to hardwood, including durability and increased re-sell value. In addition, tile flooring also has:

  • More color options, including lighter choices like white, cream, and gray
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof durability


Vinyl flooring is one of the most flexible kitchen flooring options and offers more design choices at a lower price point. Additionally, vinyl flooring offers benefits such as:

  • It is easy-to-clean and durable
  • It is stain resistant, scratch resistant and fade-resistant
  • Different forms that give more design options, such as sheets for a seamless look, tiles, and planks to emulate the look of ceramic flooring or wood

Other Considerations for Kitchen Flooring

One of the other primary concerns when choosing kitchen floors is cost. High-end, luxury flooring can be cost-prohibitive for some families. The trick is to choose flooring that will last longer and is neutral enough to fit in with your design choices even as they change.

Additionally, it’s important to consider your climate – climates with high humidity or a tendency for more rain should look for waterproof options like tile. Hardwood flooring is much more conducive to dryer climates. However, if you are determined to have hardwood and you live in a wet climate, it’s important to note that water damage is relatively easy to repair.

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Flooring Adds Value When Building A New Home

Flooring Adds Value When Building A New Home

The flooring in your home or business is very important. Of all features or structural components in a building, flooring adds value and ranks at the top for the beauty, durability, and functionality it provides.

Ed MacDonald, on the Quora research site, said:

The floors of a house take the brunt of our everyday activities and are usually the first surfaces to reflect wear and tear. It’s important to invest in floors which will keep pace with your daily life and add value while simultaneously infusing your home with a touch of class.

Flooring Adds Value When Building A New Home

Why Flooring Adds Value To Your Home

For a kitchen area, you need to consider how the room is used. Obviously, it is where food is prepared and served so you need to think through the daily routine. There is no question that the flooring adds value to kitchens. Some people rarely use the kitchen while others practically never leave it. Hardwood or laminate are great choices that stand up to the challenges.

When shopping for your kitchen flooring, there are two aspects you need to pay attention to:

Durability: because there will be a lot of walking in the kitchen at all times of day (and even night)
Ease of cleaning: because out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen floors are the most prone to get messy

For a bathroom, the usage is different. With water constantly on the floor, plus high traffic, it is important to select the appropriate materials.

Alicia Garceau of HGTV says it best,

The bathroom, with its wet surfaces, high temperatures and even higher humidity, demands a lot from a floor. While most people are drawn to a material based on looks, it’s important to choose flooring for its ability to weather the room’s harsh conditions.

She goes on to recommend five options: tile, wood, green (cork or bamboo), laminate, and vinyl. Any of these choices will work, but be sure to verify the quality. Again, flooring adds value to bathrooms. Tile is considered the best whether it is ceramic, stone, slate, or marble. Certain materials will cost more, but installing the best kitchen floors is always a good idea.

Why Flooring Adds Beauty To Your Home

The flooring in your home creates beautiful spaces. If it’s damaged or of low quality, the room will seem gloomy and low class. It will seem cheap, and that’s not what you want.

On the other hand, quality flooring enhances the home and increases the value. A beautiful entryway with a gorgeous stone tile floor will impress visitors and greatly improve the looks of the home.

Why Flooring Adds Longevity To Your Home

Most people would not put this as the top priority until they decide to sell. But when considering the over-all value of a home, it is crucial.  Hence, flooring must last. It must endure. Cheap or poorly manufactured materials will not last, and it lowers the value of the home.

The ideas shared in this article are common-sense but often overlooked by homeowners. Our purpose is to help you make the best decision as you build your home FROM THE FLOOR UP! Please give us a call, and one of our specialists at (813) 605-1188 will gladly answer any of your questions.

Flooring equals big investment, so you want to make sure you choose a long lasting, high quality product. Your flooring choice means combining your personal style with your needs, thus creating a warm atmosphere in the entire house.


Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

Tracking modern trends is similar to political polling – it depends who you ask! Our country just learned that on a massive scale. However, when looking at flooring trends in a scientific and broad manner, certain major concerns repeatedly emerge. We’ve identified three areas that are nearly universal for people researching flooring for homes or offices.

Flooring Trends and How to Interpret Them

ANTIQUITY in Flooring Trends

The current trend in solid hardwood flooring is for products that have an antique or old world charm. Wider planks, hand-scraped finishes, and stressed wood designs are appearing with more regularity.
Home Flooring Pros

Don’t think of “old” when you see the word “antiquity.” Think of “enduring value and quality.” Diametrically opposed to dated looks and designs, antiquity always has a strong appeal. The worst thing a visitor could say when they walk into your home and see the floor is, “How 80’s!”

TECHNOLOGY in Flooring Trends

There is so much going on in the flooring industry right now but if you ask me, tile is where it’s at. There are tons of modern, stylish tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way. Solid, durable tile flooring has always been a staple in American homes, but it is coming back stronger than ever. Due to advancing technologies, tile can now mimic not only the look of natural stone but hardwood, fabrics, and more.
Flooring, Inc.

What in world does technology have to do with flooring? EVERYTHING. Because of modern technological advances, composite materials can be created that are so close in appearance and durability to real wood that most people cannot tell the difference, even up close! Any color, pattern, or texture you can think of has been produced in a tile or laminate format, even that “old world charm” if you prefer.

ENVIRONMENT of Flooring Trends

I anticipate an increase in the demand for affordable, local, sustainable flooring products. Local wood reclamation, whether that wood is being salvaged from old barns or rescued from underneath old and outdated carpeting, is going to be popular across the country. I also imagine we will see an increase in popularity of lighter wood flooring, even softer wood like pine and cork, and lighter stains on wood flooring, as lighter color floors pair well with trendy bright and bold paint and wallpaper colors.
Cindy Weinstock / The Flooring Lady

There’s a special feeling that comes from taking something old and using it in something new. It is good for nostalgia and for the carbon footprint. Re-using something means it doesn’t need to be created from new resources. It represents a healthy view of preserving and conserving the earth we are blessed to share. Maybe you aren’t the type who gets excited about telling your friends that your floor was once a 19th century cabin built by pioneers, but you probably are happy about saving the planet.


Laminate Flooring History

Unlike the history of hardwood, laminate flooring history is relatively easy to trace. It is a product of modern technology thanks to the genius of the Swedes. A Swedish company called Pergo branded it under their own name in 1977. If you are old enough, you would have identified it as Pergo before calling it laminate.


Laminate Flooring History is a Short History

Originally called Pergo in 1977, it quickly became very popular throughout Europe.

The Pergo formula took a simple type of decorative laminate, which had previously only been used to make kitchen countertops and brought it to the living room floor. Needless to say, it went over in a big way.   Learning Center

Laminate flooring (Pergo) was introduced to the American market in 1994. Back then we called it “floating floors!” Ask a baby-boomer person about it, and they surely will share a story with you about how easy it was to install. Some people confuse laminate flooring with other types of wood. Remember, don’t confuse the type or style with the name of a manufacturer. Some don’t even make countertop laminates. The brilliant Swedish craftsmen pioneered the laminating process which fuses various materials and covers it with a protective coating.

Laminate Flooring is Here to Stay

Some have enough extra money that they can afford the luxury of hardwood flooring. The question for home owners or business owners alike is,

Why not spend much less for laminate flooring that most people cannot distinguish from hardwood?

Because of the widespread popularity of laminate flooring, the answer is obvious. In a mere 39 years it has come to dominate the flooring business worldwide. And even older laminate floors still compare favorably with real hardwood floors. Also we ought not overlook that more advanced technologies since 1977 have resulted in more variety of grains, tougher materials, and easier to maintain floors.

Oh, by the way, Swedish people don’t like being called Swedes. It is derived from the Proto-Indo-European reflexive pronominal root!

GMF-Blog-Image-Laminate-Upkeep-Maintenance (1)

Laminate Upkeep

GMF-Blog-Image-Laminate-Upkeep-Maintenance (1)In this short article we will discuss the simply amazing ease, quickness, and lack of stress that comes with laminate upkeep! Laminate flooring is an excellent choice and  often hard to distinguish from hardwood. However, it is much less expensive and one of the best choices if you want to make your life easier.

Laminate Upkeep is Easy

Laminate upkeep is very easy. Basically you just need to sweep it with a light broom or vacuum cleaner. Also a regular pass over with a Swiffer or similar cleaning product works fine. Although it is water resistant, you don’t want to do  heavy duty washing with laminate upkeep.

Most homeowners love hardwood floors – they’re beautiful and provide a home with a unique look. Unfortunately, they can also be costly and difficult to keep in good shape. This is why laminate has become so popular in recent years, as it can bring a home all of the benefits of hardwoods without bringing along the price tag. If you’re looking for new flooring in your home, you might want to take one of the most valuable floor tips of recent years to heart and make sure that you choose laminate floors for your next remodel.  – Panel Town & Floors

Laminate Upkeep is Time Saving

It is not necessary to gather a large bucket, a heavy wet mop, strong detergents, and other tools for laminate upkeep. Just thinking about gathering these items makes me feel tired already. But like everything in life, there is the preparation, the job, and the clean-up. When it comes to laminate upkeep, it’s a win-win option for the home or office.

One of the biggest advantages of laminate floors is that they are made to look good for many years with a minimum of effort. Most laminates come with a 10 to 25 years residential warranty against staining, wearing and fading, depending on the brand. All you really need for cleaning are a vacuum cleaner, a dry mop and a damp towel for more difficult stains.  – Atriumloghomes

Laminate Upkeep is Nearly Effortless

Am I repeating myself? I suppose I am because I am a raving fan of laminate flooring.


Best Ways to Create Beautiful Stairways


If you are old enough, you may recall the way stairs were used in homes in the past. They were simply a functional thing to get to the upper level or to the basement. Builders made them to take up as little floor space as possible. Hence, they were dangerously steep, almost like a ladder. The most common modern day example would be a hatch drop-down foldable ladder for access to small attics or crawl spaces. But newer homes have built-in staircases that are much safer and more beautiful. Often they serve as a central focal point of the home. With a little thought and effort, you can have beautiful stairways.

Beautiful Stairways – The Flooring Obvious

Whether you choose to use carpet, laminate, or hardwood for your stairway, it will beautify your home. Often parents with small children use carpet for safety reasons or for noise reduction. Contrary to popular belief, it is not overly expensive to go with hardwood or laminate. Whatever the extenuating circumstances, the flooring on your steps is an important element of the interior design.

Be sure to DESIGN your space with the color, texture, and type of flooring to match or compliment the over-all look and feel of your home or business.

Beautiful Stairways – The Walls

Often, stairways are viewed simply as a way to get from Point A to Point B, and not much thought is given to the space thereafter. However, I’ve noticed that stairways provide an ideal place to exhibit one’s design style and interests or to even be useful. The ceiling may be taller on your stairway, the view direct (from other prominent rooms), and/or the possibilities endless.  Homedit

Back in the day, with ridiculously small and steep stairways, the walls were of no consequence. It would be about the same as decorating a wall behind a ladder. Today, homes often have multiple levels or alternating directions in a stairway. This can be the ideal area to dramatically enhance the charm of the home.

Beautiful Stairways – The Rails

In some cases stairways have railings. Unlike the olden days, railings are not used merely for safety purposes. In older business buildings there are usually regulations to have hand railings. Current day architecture has taken it to another level. Railings can now match the surrounding decor, and there is a plethora of options that are magnificent.

Don’t overlook the treasure in the center of your home. Surprise yourself and be sure to create beautiful and safe stairways!

Cleaning Your New Floors

Floor Maintenance Essentials in Florida

Certain climate issues affect Floor Maintenance in Florida. Humidity, moisture, heat, and sand are a few things that make it a challenge.

Floor Maintenance - cleaning

Floor Maintenance: CLEANING

It is very important to keep your floors clean. Regardless of the type of floor, keeping it clean ought to be a regular activity. The time invested is well worth the reward of beautiful floors.


Modern technology has made it easy and fun to vacuum your floors. The iRobot is affordable and makes vacuuming nearly effortless.

(For more information go to:


  • Liquid

(For more information go to:

  • Dry or wet

(For more information go to:

Floor Maintenance: REPAIRS

Oh no! We damaged our floors!

Think when you bought your first car. It was perfect. Shines bright in the sun. Looks great under the stars at night. Then you got your first ding. Or your first scratch from someone in the grocery store parking lot that didn’t care about letting their cart roll free. This can be agonizing. However, when it comes to your floors, you have two good options:

Contact your installer

There might be a way where they will fix or replace the floor section at no cost. Again depends on your warranty and your agreement. This is great for any floor type.

Do It Yourself

If you have hardwood floors, and it is a small nick you can pickup a Minwax marker and cover up a blemish. The Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Markers are ideal for that small scratch on floors or furniture.


Bissell carpet cleaner makes cleaning up spills and stains relatively simple, either by hand or with a Bissell carpet cleaner. (For more information go to:

Floor Maintenance: USAGE

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care.  – Benjamin Franklin

This is common sense. If you want to continue having beautiful and functional floors, you need to be thoughtful about what you allow to happen on them. Allowing the kids to roller blade on hardwood floors in the living room would not be wise. Moving furniture without smooth footing would also be a mistake.

These are choices the responsible home owner needs to make. If you regularly control the manner in which your flooring is used and faithfully maintain it, you likely will never have to think about repairing it. Then you can enjoy your beautiful flooring without stress or worry.

flooring trends 2016

3 New Flooring Trends in 2016

Radio stations this time of year are playing the greatest hits from the past year. 2016 is upon us and instead of looking back we want to help you look forward to what is to come in flooring trends. Some flooring trends are timeless others are very modern, while others seem to be put a new spin an a traditional technique. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any flooring trends you see below.

flooring trends 2016

Here are three flooring trends for 2016 we will be looking at:

  • Creative Flooring Combo Trends
  • Modern Angle Flooring Design Trends
  • Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

Creative Combo Flooring Trends

The first image in the gallery below is a simple combo with concrete and wood. This organic look is simple yet still honors sustainable design. This combination is perfect for any style home but works best in a modern space.

Aparici double fired tiles and bathroom

Aparici moving tiles double fired show style and elegance. They are not for the faint of heart or those not willing to take a risk. The tiles are busy, but mixing them properly can be a talking piece for guests when entertaining. Bathrooms cannot benefit from mixed material as well as mixed color and seamless transitions. Aparici Waterford Castle Hotel bathroom is a fabulous example using black and white tiles on trend for 2016.

41zero42 adding character to a space

This Italian design combines two materials to exude style. Pay attention to the unique use of mixing piece colors. This is a great approach to helping add character to a large space.

Creative flooring combo gallery

Modern Angle Flooring Trends

Parquet floors have been making strides over the last decade. 2016 will bring floors composed of short trips, unique patterns, and inlays of diverse woods and materials to the forefront.

Tex Hex tiles in porcelain in matte and mixed-finish black and cream by Artistic Tile. These are great for smaller space as they will give an appearance of a larger space. Take note to lay them out in a diverse and random order for a truly unique look. Also, symmetrical large tile pieces can be angled to add a unique style to an otherwise boring space.

Perfect tile trends for 2016

Ceramica Sant’Agostino porcelain tiles can have a grain texture that can portray carpet while still having the durability of tile. To conclude our look at modern angle flooring trends we look at the featured image. is an artist that has decided to bless us with angular design fit for 2016. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any tile flooring trends.

Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

The last, but certainly not least, flooring trends we will look at today is about the richest most elegant of styles. There are two stunning examples of luxury flooring and precious stone work that we’d like to share with you. Remember that Go Mobile Flooring has many options. We can always find alternatives to meet your budget, but gold has innate value, so keep this in mind as you explore trends below.

Sicis, the world is a mosaic

Sicis is more than just flooring. They are a design brand that has products ranging from doors to jewelry and watches to furniture… and everything in between. They are trailblazers of the mosaic and have built a company and a brand around that style. The images below show the Sicis gold collection. This consists of mosaic for walling decor to compliment tile flooring.

Lapicida the stone specialist

Lapicida is from English origin and in its origin is acclaimed stone cutter. They cut, prepare and maintain the finest stones in all of Europe. Lapicida has served royalty and are a brand of elegance and bravado. We have listed a video below to show more about this amazing company and brand.

Luxury and stone flooring gallery

Lapicida has beautiful work that can be seen here (feel free to rewind or watch the entire video if you are interested in the history of these fine craftsmen):

Best installers for modern floors in 2016

Go Mobile Flooring (AKA would love to help you with your project. We have stunning tile, hardwood, laminate and many more options to make your home on trend for 2016 and many years to come. Remember that upgrading your floors is the best way to increase home value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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