Flooring Options to Reduce Noise on Your Second Floor

Flooring Options to Reduce Noise on Your Second Floor

We’ve all heard footsteps and other ruckus on the floor above us at least once or twice. Not only is it disruptive, but it’s just straight up irritating. It’s no wonder some people prefer one story homes or to be put on the last floor of an apartment complex. Even still, there are those whose dreams are to have a two-story home, and many who currently live in one. If that’s you, you’re probably thinking of ways to reduce noise and avoid the commotion from above. Lucky for you, there are flooring options you can consider to help get rid of the noise on your ceiling. This will provide a better environment for your family as well as guests.

Flooring to Reduce Noise

While hardwood is an all-time favorite, it may not be the best option for your second story to reduce noise. One alternative is laminate flooring. In addition to being less noisy than hardwood, it is also warmer underfoot. With laminate, you can customize it to your style preference. With wood-look laminates, you can still carry out your favorite hardwood design with the quality of laminate flooring. Improvements in the structure and design of laminate have led to a variety colors and finishes. Additionally, laminate flooring provides durability and easy maintenance. To achieve maximum comfort and peace, investing in padded underlay will provide yet another layer of protection against noise and damage.


Probably the most famous and widely known for its comfort is carpet. It is not only a great option to block out noisy footsteps, but it will most likely be the most comfortable underfoot. Installing padded underlay will only add to that comfort. Another benefit of carpet is that it is good at absorbing sound. This averts any irritation from footsteps and commotion to those below. Carpet is available in various colors and textures. There are four main types of carpet constructions:

  • Cut Pile
  • Berber (Loop)
  • Patterned Loop
  • Freize

Among the four, you can decide on your preference of color, design, and texture. The majority of carpet styles are plush and loop. Depending on preference, homeowners can choose between smooth, textured, twisted, and shaggy carpet. All serve their unique purposes. But if your goal is to level down on noise, the thickest carpet available will be a great match and better yet, more comfortable to walk on barefoot. It’s a win-win!

Soundproofing to Reduce Noise

Underlayment options are a great one to consider. Although it is an extra step in the installation process, you’ll be glad about your decision in the long run. The primary purpose of underlayment is to make your flooring surface more smooth and even for any installations above it. In addition to that, they also make for a softer platform underfoot and help to reduce noise. Some underlayment materials include foam or cork, which are typically installed underneath carpet or laminate flooring. The softer kinds of underlayment, which often come in rolls of foam or cork, are great choices to block noise. Quite the contrary, there are also cement underlayment options that sustain harder materials such as ceramic, hardwood, or porcelain tile.

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A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

A Parent’s Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring options, one must consider many things. As important as it is to install flooring that blends well with your style and home ambiance, comfort is just as crucial. Especially if you have little ones roaming around the house. For rooms that get a lot of activity from children, it is essential to know which kid-friendly flooring options to choose from. Consider flooring that is durable enough to withstand constant usage without damage. The following kid-friendly flooring options will be great preferences for your home.A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Flooring Options


The soft and comfortable benefits of carpet make it an easy option for kid-friendly flooring. With all their playing and falling, your young ones will be safer as opposed to other hard surface flooring. As forgiving as carpet can be, make sure to regularly clean your carpets to avoid accumulated dirt and dust from forming. The cleaner the environment, the healthier your child will be. Whether you are decorating a nursery or living room, consider carpet flooring for your home.


Although certain hardwood flooring can be non-scratch resistant and subject to wear and tear, there are many routes you can take to ensure a safe and complacent environment for kids. The benefits of hardwood flooring are its abilities to last long and be easy to clean. Though the surface may not be the safest kid-friendly flooring option, you can consider purchasing stylish rugs or play mats to do the job. Also, some hardwood have natural dents and scratches which makes accidental scratches less obvious.


Being abundant in styles and colors, easy to clean, and durable, laminate is another possibility for kid-friendly flooring options. Laminate provides stylish luxury to your home while still granting safety and scratch-resistant benefits for areas that undergo constant movement. Laminate flooring is also very easy to install and goes well in just about any room of your home! If you’re stuck between hardwood and tile, laminate is an alternative. Laminate has a more comfortable surface than pure hardwood, is often times more affordable, and most importantly, is safer for young children to play on. Consider laminate and have some fun choosing your design.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Clean, fresh-looking carpets make a great first impression in your home. Therefore, cleaning the carpets in your home can be the quickest way to give it a facelift. However, deciding the best way to clean your carpets often depends on convenience and cost. Some homeowners are also worried about the use of chemicals, especially if there are pets or young children in the home. Below are some of the main differences between two of the most popular carpet cleaning methods: dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Many people consider steam carpet cleaning to be the better method. How could it not be, when you’re using a machine full of hot steam that is meant to deep clean your carpets? However, it’s important to note that the steam alone doesn’t do all the work. Steam clean machines spray shampoo into the carpet which is then activated by the steam and water. The steam cleaner then sucks the water and shampoo out of the carpet. Steam cleaning leaves behind very little residue, but it will leave your carpets wet. Most professionals recommend staying off your carpet for 12 to 24 hours to allow it to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In contrast, dry carpet cleaning allows you to use your carpets almost immediately afterward. However, a slight bit of water is used in this method. Dry cleaners are sprinkled on the carpet. These cleaners break down the set-in stains and dirt in the carpet. Dry carpet cleaners can be harsh. They are often used in commercial and retail settings due to the quick drying time.

Pros & Cons

In general, dry carpet cleaners are considered harsher than steam cleaners, so if you have small children or pets in your home, you might want to doublecheck that the dry carpet cleaners are not toxic. Steam carpet cleaners are often available in odor-free, dye-free versions, which also makes it a better choice for allergy sufferers. In addition to having to wait up to 24 hours after a steam clean to walk on your carpets again, steam cleaning can also require multiple treatments on particularly difficult stains.

To find out more about carpeting, including the best ones for your home and lifestyle, contact Go Mobile Flooring today. We are happy to bring our mobile showroom to your neighborhood. We serve the greater Tampa Bay area, including Brandon, Pasco and Pinellas counties, Clearwater and Wesley Chapel.

Carpet Trends 2017

Carpet Trends 2017

Design trends in home decor seem to change with the seasons. It’s certainly true that every year there is a new color scheme, texture or element that is the rage of the year. Carpet is one of those interior design elements that has come in and out of fashion as textiles and design aesthetics have changed.

For 2016-2017, carpet trends are once again changing. Below is an overview of some of the more common trends that homeowners and decorators should consider for their own interiors.Carpet Trends 2017

Growing Carpet Trends

  1. Area rugs and carpet runners: As hardwood floors have become more preferred among homeowners, area rugs and carpet runners have also grown in popularity. Relatively inexpensive area rugs can be easily changed for a new look, color scheme, or design.
  2. Natural fibers: The trend of garishly colored manufactured carpet has long been out of vogue. In recent years, the desire for natural fibers and muted colors has grown even more popular, as well as sustainability. Many of these fibers tend toward more neutral colors which is another growing trend.
  3. Carpet tiles: Easy to install and easy to replace if dirty or damaged, carpet tiles are great for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. They are also very popular in commercial settings.
  4. Softer textures: While whole house carpeting is no longer a trend, luxury textures in personal spaces, such as bedrooms, are very common. Advancements in materials have made carpet softer than ever before.
  5. Protective finishes: In an effort to keep carpet looking better longer, there has been an increase in the application of stain protection options, such as water resistance and pet resistance.

Trending for 2017

If you’re a new homeowner and looking to refresh your interiors, switching up your carpeting is one of the quickest and least inexpensive ways to make maximum impact. At Go Mobile Flooring, our flooring experts work with the newest carpet and flooring materials on the market. Serving Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas, contact Go Mobile Flooring today for an in-home measurement and a free consultation. Give your home a fresh look this year by following one of the emerging carpet trends.

Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Best Flooring for Commercial Use

When choosing the best flooring for commercial use, you must factor in certain variables of your business. Obviously a big box home improvement store can get away with the minimalist cement floor with a smooth coating. This would not work in a nice restaurant or an office setting.

Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Every work space is different and the needs for flooring vary. Of course, the personal tastes of the business owner or decision maker will ultimately guide the outcome, but here are a few considerations to help you make a wise choice:

What is the Best Flooring for the Optics of the Business?

A beautiful and shiny floor may not be desirable for every commercial setting. In fact, some people work better on a nondescript plain surface. (Welding shops, repair centers, art studios, etc.) On the other hand an upscale men’s clothing store would prefer an impeccable hardwood floor. Even in large retail stores where most of the store is polished cement, you will notice in the clothing sections they have embedded hardwood or quality laminate in that area.

When anyone is looking to buy commercial flooring, there are two main priorities that everyone shares. First and foremost; your flooring should reflect your business and like the design for the rest of your business, your flooring choice must reflect a sense of professionalism.

UKFlooring Direct

What is the Best Flooring for the Function of the Business?

Carpet would best serve the needs of a sound studio where unwanted resonating sounds might hinder production. Hard cement serves a shop where tools and heavy equipment are used. Beautiful laminate patterns and colors may be helpful to influence the workplace in an office setting to increase a relaxing environment. Car dealership showrooms would want a strong hard surface to highlight new vehicle models, perhaps stone or granite tiling would be best. (For a plethora of detailed research click the Consumer Search link below.)

Which type of flooring is best depends on where you want to put it, how much you can spend, and what kind of wear it will get. For this buyer’s guide, we consulted magazines like This Old House and Consumer Reports, in addition to buyer’s guides at Lowe’s and Better Homes & Gardens. Below is a comparison of types, along with pros and cons for each. We also considered each type’s DIY possibilities and other costs.

Consumer Search

What is the Best Flooring for the Budget of the Business?

Flooring is very important, and it is something that should not be ignored but sometimes large work spaces need flooring that will keep the business under budget. This is a balance wise owners and managers understand. Fortunately, there are excellent laminate and carpet options that are good quality and still very affordable.

Good luck with your flooring decision. Spend some time researching the option and enjoy the process! Feel free to call us at Go Mobile Flooring, and we would be happy to bring samples to you with our mobile showroom. Our flooring technicians know every option completely and can help you make a wise decision.


Best Ways to Create Beautiful Stairways


If you are old enough, you may recall the way stairs were used in homes in the past. They were simply a functional thing to get to the upper level or to the basement. Builders made them to take up as little floor space as possible. Hence, they were dangerously steep, almost like a ladder. The most common modern day example would be a hatch drop-down foldable ladder for access to small attics or crawl spaces. But newer homes have built-in staircases that are much safer and more beautiful. Often they serve as a central focal point of the home. With a little thought and effort, you can have beautiful stairways.

Beautiful Stairways – The Flooring Obvious

Whether you choose to use carpet, laminate, or hardwood for your stairway, it will beautify your home. Often parents with small children use carpet for safety reasons or for noise reduction. Contrary to popular belief, it is not overly expensive to go with hardwood or laminate. Whatever the extenuating circumstances, the flooring on your steps is an important element of the interior design.

Be sure to DESIGN your space with the color, texture, and type of flooring to match or compliment the over-all look and feel of your home or business.

Beautiful Stairways – The Walls

Often, stairways are viewed simply as a way to get from Point A to Point B, and not much thought is given to the space thereafter. However, I’ve noticed that stairways provide an ideal place to exhibit one’s design style and interests or to even be useful. The ceiling may be taller on your stairway, the view direct (from other prominent rooms), and/or the possibilities endless.  Homedit

Back in the day, with ridiculously small and steep stairways, the walls were of no consequence. It would be about the same as decorating a wall behind a ladder. Today, homes often have multiple levels or alternating directions in a stairway. This can be the ideal area to dramatically enhance the charm of the home.

Beautiful Stairways – The Rails

In some cases stairways have railings. Unlike the olden days, railings are not used merely for safety purposes. In older business buildings there are usually regulations to have hand railings. Current day architecture has taken it to another level. Railings can now match the surrounding decor, and there is a plethora of options that are magnificent.

Don’t overlook the treasure in the center of your home. Surprise yourself and be sure to create beautiful and safe stairways!

Baby Room Floors

Baby Room Floor: Safe and Practical Ideas

Are you thinking about providing a safe and enjoyable baby room floor? Do you have a child? Are you expecting one soon? Now is the time to make a place for a remarkable space for the baby.

Baby Room Floors

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flooring trends 2016

3 New Flooring Trends in 2016

Radio stations this time of year are playing the greatest hits from the past year. 2016 is upon us and instead of looking back we want to help you look forward to what is to come in flooring trends. Some flooring trends are timeless others are very modern, while others seem to be put a new spin an a traditional technique. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any flooring trends you see below.

flooring trends 2016

Here are three flooring trends for 2016 we will be looking at:

  • Creative Flooring Combo Trends
  • Modern Angle Flooring Design Trends
  • Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

Creative Combo Flooring Trends

The first image in the gallery below is a simple combo with concrete and wood. This organic look is simple yet still honors sustainable design. This combination is perfect for any style home but works best in a modern space.

Aparici double fired tiles and bathroom

Aparici moving tiles double fired show style and elegance. They are not for the faint of heart or those not willing to take a risk. The tiles are busy, but mixing them properly can be a talking piece for guests when entertaining. Bathrooms cannot benefit from mixed material as well as mixed color and seamless transitions. Aparici Waterford Castle Hotel bathroom is a fabulous example using black and white tiles on trend for 2016.

41zero42 adding character to a space

This Italian design combines two materials to exude style. Pay attention to the unique use of mixing piece colors. This is a great approach to helping add character to a large space.

Creative flooring combo gallery

Modern Angle Flooring Trends

Parquet floors have been making strides over the last decade. 2016 will bring floors composed of short trips, unique patterns, and inlays of diverse woods and materials to the forefront.

Tex Hex tiles in porcelain in matte and mixed-finish black and cream by Artistic Tile. These are great for smaller space as they will give an appearance of a larger space. Take note to lay them out in a diverse and random order for a truly unique look. Also, symmetrical large tile pieces can be angled to add a unique style to an otherwise boring space.

Perfect tile trends for 2016

Ceramica Sant’Agostino porcelain tiles can have a grain texture that can portray carpet while still having the durability of tile. To conclude our look at modern angle flooring trends we look at the featured image. is an artist that has decided to bless us with angular design fit for 2016. Call us (813.605.1204) for a free consultation on any tile flooring trends.

Luxury and Stone Flooring Trends

The last, but certainly not least, flooring trends we will look at today is about the richest most elegant of styles. There are two stunning examples of luxury flooring and precious stone work that we’d like to share with you. Remember that Go Mobile Flooring has many options. We can always find alternatives to meet your budget, but gold has innate value, so keep this in mind as you explore trends below.

Sicis, the world is a mosaic

Sicis is more than just flooring. They are a design brand that has products ranging from doors to jewelry and watches to furniture… and everything in between. They are trailblazers of the mosaic and have built a company and a brand around that style. The images below show the Sicis gold collection. This consists of mosaic for walling decor to compliment tile flooring.

Lapicida the stone specialist

Lapicida is from English origin and in its origin is acclaimed stone cutter. They cut, prepare and maintain the finest stones in all of Europe. Lapicida has served royalty and are a brand of elegance and bravado. We have listed a video below to show more about this amazing company and brand.

Luxury and stone flooring gallery

Lapicida has beautiful work that can be seen here (feel free to rewind or watch the entire video if you are interested in the history of these fine craftsmen):

Best installers for modern floors in 2016

Go Mobile Flooring (AKA would love to help you with your project. We have stunning tile, hardwood, laminate and many more options to make your home on trend for 2016 and many years to come. Remember that upgrading your floors is the best way to increase home value. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Protect Floors from Holiday

Holiday Floor Protection

In Tampa Florida there is not a lot of worries from salt, snow and dirt coming into your home this holiday season. However, we believe in a holiday floor protection strategy. The following article will help floors look and feel great during and after the holidays, especially if you live near the beach. Sand from the beach can be just as damaging as salt or snow. Some of the benefits of having a holiday floor protection plan:

Protect Floors from Holiday with a holiday floor protection plan

Protect floors from the holidays

We suggest doormats, furniture pads and shoe trays for the best protection of your floors this holiday season.


The best way to keep dirt outside is with a festive doormat. Doormats greet your guests and protect your floors. Remember do not get too creative. Guests might think it is to festive for them to wipe their feet on. A simple but fun holiday greeting mat will suffice. Frontgate has some beautiful options. For the budget conscience check out Overstock for doormats.

Furniture Pads

Save your back, get furniture pads. Amazon has a plethora of offerings and fast shipping. Part of protecting your floors is thinking ahead to what your guests might do. Moving a couch that has padding instead of grinding it along your new wood floors can ruin the mood. Plan ahead and make a small investment for your floors.

Shoe Trays

As guests arrive you need to tell them where to place shoes. If you have a household rule stick to it and make it clear. The best way for this to be comfortable for everyone is to have an area with a shoe tray for your guests. We suggest a rubber shoe tray. This might not be large enough, so make certain to accommodate all of your guests. Be careful about purchasing a shoe tray with a drip grid unless you plan on keeping it outside.

Also, for the pets that just “magically” appear in addition to your guests… shoe trays can be great for containing dog and cat bowls and the spillage that will accompany them.

Benefits of holiday floor protection

Remember a simple, but often forgotten step. When preparing to entertain guests save cleaning the floors for last. Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or a combination, cleaning your floors first only to then have a spill before your guests arrive can be very frustrating. Save the stress and wait until the last minute to clean the floors.

If you follow these simple steps your holiday floor protection plan should be effective and seamless to your home, your guests and the festivities that bring us all together. Following these steps will help you keep floors looking new and clean for many holidays to come.

Give the gift of new floors!

Get a free quote for your new floors. This can be a perfect gift for the holidays and new year. Or call us: 813.540.5958


Buyers Guide Series: Perfect Carpeting


Styles range from plush to fringe, to texture to frieze.

Looking to refurbish your dingy old carpet but questioning yourself as to where to begin? Here are some tips and tricks to buying the perfect carpeting to spice up your space.

Start from the bottom up. A good padding will add support, strength, and that little bit of added cushion that you will treasure. The rubber or foam carpet padding also helps insulate your home to help control the temperature. Padding will also help keep your carpet stay young by preventing carpet backing and fibers from deteriorating. Don’t be afraid to ask for a professional opinion before you choose your carpet padding!

Choose your carpet style wisely because it will be looking up at you for years to come. Look at all the styles before you pick “the one”. Styles range from plush to fringe, to texture to frieze. Instead of picking the carpet based on looks, be sure to consider your lifestyle and how you will be using the carpet. If you plan on lying on the carpet and playing with your kids, maybe you will benefit from the plush style. Is the carpet going in the “special events only” dining room? Go for the fancier style that matches the room perfectly.

Don’t break the bank. Be sure to request an estimate for the materials and the installation separately. This way you will know exactly how much each element of the process will cost you. Be smart about the carpet choices for each room. To keep costs low, opt for a more affordable carpet for you guest rooms, while a stain-resistant carpet may be best for the family room.

Know the maintenance your new carpet will require. If you aren’t looking to vacuum every single day, don’t choose a carpet that is high maintenance. Textured rugs will more easily hide footprint marks and level loop carpets will resist dirt to make carpet clean up easy.

No matter which carpet you pick, be sure to be smart in your decision. Don’t skimp out on the high quality padding, pick the style that best fits your lifestyle, budget correctly, and do your research on all things maintenance. Soon you will be making carpet angels in your brand new carpet with a huge smile of satisfaction on your face.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.