Flooring Adds Value When Building A New Home

The flooring in your home or business is very important. Of all features or structural components in a building, flooring adds value and ranks at the top for the beauty, durability, and functionality it provides.

Ed MacDonald, on the Quora research site, said:

The floors of a house take the brunt of our everyday activities and are usually the first surfaces to reflect wear and tear. It’s important to invest in floors which will keep pace with your daily life and add value while simultaneously infusing your home with a touch of class.

Flooring Adds Value When Building A New Home

Why Flooring Adds Value To Your Home

For a kitchen area, you need to consider how the room is used. Obviously, it is where food is prepared and served so you need to think through the daily routine. There is no question that the flooring adds value to kitchens. Some people rarely use the kitchen while others practically never leave it. Hardwood or laminate are great choices that stand up to the challenges.

When shopping for your kitchen flooring, there are two aspects you need to pay attention to:

Durability: because there will be a lot of walking in the kitchen at all times of day (and even night)
Ease of cleaning: because out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen floors are the most prone to get messy

For a bathroom, the usage is different. With water constantly on the floor, plus high traffic, it is important to select the appropriate materials.

Alicia Garceau of HGTV says it best,

The bathroom, with its wet surfaces, high temperatures and even higher humidity, demands a lot from a floor. While most people are drawn to a material based on looks, it’s important to choose flooring for its ability to weather the room’s harsh conditions.

She goes on to recommend five options: tile, wood, green (cork or bamboo), laminate, and vinyl. Any of these choices will work, but be sure to verify the quality. Again, flooring adds value to bathrooms. Tile is considered the best whether it is ceramic, stone, slate, or marble. Certain materials will cost more, but installing the best kitchen floors is always a good idea.

Why Flooring Adds Beauty To Your Home

The flooring in your home creates beautiful spaces. If it’s damaged or of low quality, the room will seem gloomy and low class. It will seem cheap, and that’s not what you want.

On the other hand, quality flooring enhances the home and increases the value. A beautiful entryway with a gorgeous stone tile floor will impress visitors and greatly improve the looks of the home.

Why Flooring Adds Longevity To Your Home

Most people would not put this as the top priority until they decide to sell. But when considering the over-all value of a home, it is crucial.  Hence, flooring must last. It must endure. Cheap or poorly manufactured materials will not last, and it lowers the value of the home.

The ideas shared in this article are common-sense but often overlooked by homeowners. Our purpose is to help you make the best decision as you build your home FROM THE FLOOR UP! Please give us a call, and one of our specialists at (813) 605-1188 will gladly answer any of your questions.

Flooring equals big investment, so you want to make sure you choose a long lasting, high quality product. Your flooring choice means combining your personal style with your needs, thus creating a warm atmosphere in the entire house.