Framed and Frameless Cabinetry

Framed and Frameless Cabinetry: What’s Your Best Option?

Preparing for your next renovation project goes far beyond the basics. Perhaps figuring out what kind of flooring or countertops you may want is the first step. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to building up the home of your dreams. Nowadays, there are plenty of unique options for interior design. For example, how do you know whether to install framed or frameless cabinetry into your home? What are the basic differences between the two, and which matches your interior design goal best?

Framed Cabinetry

Framed cabinets are a traditional construction design among many homeowners. The main distinction between framed and frameless cabinetry is in the construction of the box. Typically, framed cabinets contain an overlying frame on the front of each box (or door). The space within the borders of the frame on each cabinet door is dented, much like that of a picture within its frame. One benefit of framed cabinetry is that they have many options and are more likely to have doors with raised panels and decorative features. In addition, the frame creates a lasting design to the room and adds dimension to dull spaces.

Why Choose Framed Cabinetry?

One of the central reasons why homeowners choose framed cabinetry is because of its appearance. There are plenty of cabinet design possibilities to create a customized look for your home. As far as the overlay of the cabinet frames, homeowners can choose between full overlay, partial overlay, and inset door, which refers to the length of the framing. Full overlays are completely covered by the door, partial overlays reveal some of the door, and an inset door means that the door fits entirely inside the reveal and is framed just like a picture frame. Significantly, framed cabinetry will have a visible ledge around the cabinet when it is open as well as a center stile. Some of the main benefits of framed cabinets include:

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Various Styles
  • Material Options

Frameless Cabinetry

Unlike the traditional style of framed cabinets, frameless cabinetry serves as the leading option in modern interior design. Also known as Euro-style cabinets, frameless cabinetry provides a clean and contemporary look to the area of installation. There are no reveals that surround each door which accounts for more accessible space. Due to its frameless design, these cabinets seem larger and more functional. However, because the frame adds strength and durability to the cabinet door, frameless cabinetry is oftentimes made with stronger more substantial materials.

Why Choose Frameless Cabinetry?

So, the bottom line question you need to ask yourself as a homeowner is whether you want a traditional or more modern interior design for your home. If you find beauty in simplicity or are an avid minimalist, frameless cabinets are an excellent option for you! The frameless construction of these cabinets provides a sleek and simple aesthetic that will suit just about every design theme of your home. Some of the main benefits of frameless cabinetry include:

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