Carpet Fiber: PTT (Triexta Polyester)

carpet fibers

PTT basic carpet fiber made from polyester carpet fiber

PTT, that’s Polytrimethylene Terephthalate-Trexita for your carpet gurus, is a basic carpet fiber made from polyester carpet fiber and by 1998 all the bugs were fixed and PPT could be commercially produced.

PTT is a resilient, yet soft, durable, easy to dye carpet fiber that can offer carpet buyers vibrant colors. It  is resistant to abrasion, stretching, shrinkage, and mildew; which shows its strength. Other qualities of the PPT carpet fiber include stain resistance to most chemical and all acid dyes and low water permeation and static generating properties.

In studies, PTT is shown to have a lower melting point than PET (similar carpet fiber), which means that the fibers are more easily damaged. However, PTT is more resistant to color loss caused by exposure to chlorine bleach.

PTT is not able to be treated with stain and soil resistance systems due to technical issues and the yarn’s lack of repellency can make spills difficult to clean up. Oil-based stains can be extremely hard to remove from a PTT carpet.

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