Pros and Cons of Trendy Kitchen Countertops

You have many choices when it comes to your kitchen countertops. From trendy to traditional, kitchen countertops run the gamut from stone to wood to laminate. Below we’ll take a look at some of the more popular, trendy kitchen countertop options and the pros and cons of each.Pros and Cons of Trendy Kitchen Countertops

Natural Stone

Stone is a great choice due to its durability. Plus, it has natural differences in colors and texture, making it unique.

  • Pros: This trendy kitchen countertop has a classic look that doesn’t go out of style; it’s also heat-resistant and durable.
  • Cons: Most expensive of current countertop materials; porous surface that requires sealing during installation and regular maintenance.

Cultured Stone

A combination of quartz and pigment, cultured stone countertops mimic the look of stone. Natural color and texture variations are removed for a more uniform look.

  • Pros: Resistant to heat, stains, and scratches; easy to clean and maintain; does not require any special sealing.
  • Cons: Cost is comparable to natural stone; does not look as natural as actual stone.


While solid-surfacing countertops look similar to natural stone, they are not nearly as expensive. They also require a lot less maintenance.

  • Pros: Resistant to heat and moisture; also resistant to fading.
  • Cons: Not scratch resistant; countertops can be scorched.


Manufacturing techniques have advanced to allow laminate countertops to ape the look of stone, metal or wood for a fraction of the cost.

  • Pros: More cost-efficient than natural countertops; easy to clean; resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.
  • Cons: Cuts from sharp knives or scorching from hot pans can affect the surface and cannot be repaired; can only be used with drop-in sinks due to the construction.


Many homeowners love the look of wood, as well as the warmth it brings to the kitchen. It is also a great surface for prepping food and meals.

  • Pros: Timeless material with a long shelf life; repetitive cutting and chopping does not dull knives.
  • Cons: This trendy kitchen countertop requires special sealing and maintenance to ensure food safety; therefore, moisture and heat may adversely affect the material.


Stainless steel is the most common metal countertop material, but copper, zinc, and pewter have been growing in popularity.

  • Pros: Resistant to heat and stains; a naturally anti-bacterial surface; long-lasting and durable.
  • Cons: Can be more expensive; some metals are more susceptible to denting and scratches; some scratches and dents in stainless steel can’t be repaired.


Concrete countertops are particularly durable and versatile.

  • Pros: Well-known for its durability; resistant to heat and stains.
  • Cons: Requires special sealing and regular maintenance; more susceptible than some surfaces to acidic liquids.


Tile is one of the most traditional countertop looks, because of its extensive color, texture and design options. It is also relatively inexpensive.

  • Pros: Relatively easy DIY project for ambitious homeowners; glazed tile is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.
  • Cons: Tile is easy to clean; however grout is susceptible to mildew and staining and will need to be cleaned regularly; it is possible for tile to chip or crack.

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