Naturally Aged Flooring

Naturally Aged Flooring: Considering Wood Flooring Texture

To this day, hardwood remains one of the top flooring options for homeowners, and with reason. It is durable, diverse, and easy to maintain. However, with the diversity of wood flooring comes a challenging decision-making process. Which hardwood is the most suitable for your home or commercial space? Not only should you keep the color in mind, but you’ll have to decide on wood flooring texture. For some homeowners, texture is an extremely important aspect of interior design. And for families with young children, the least abrasive hardwood is the aptest choice. At Go Mobile Flooring, we have teamed up with Naturally Aged Flooring. It is important that we customize our products in order to satisfy customers. So, with the help of Naturally Aged Flooring, we are able to offer plenty of hardwood flooring textures and finishes that offer the benefits of durability.

Quality & Convenience

Naturally Aged Flooring has been a hardwood flooring manufacturer and distributor for over 30 years. They offer six distinct flooring collections that feature multiple textures and sizes. This gives customers plenty of options to choose from. As part of our mobile showroom, you’ll be able to look through a selection of Naturally Aged Flooring and additional wood flooring texture options when you contact us. For more information about their collections, refer to this article.

Hardwood Selections

There’s no telling which hardwood flooring is the best option. It all depends on the area of installation, the amount of traffic in the room, and the homeowner’s preference. While Naturally Aged Flooring’s pre-finished products are an excellent solution for the majority of flooring shoppers, they also offer custom hardwood floors:

  • Solid
  • Domestic
  • Engineered
  • Exotic
  • Pattern
  • Plank
  • Parquet
  • Smooth
  • Stained
  • Distressed
  • Dyed
  • Fumed
  • Bleached

Wood Flooring Texture

After choosing your desired hardwood, it’s important to consider the texture. That is, how will the flooring feel to the touch? Will it meet the comfort needs of your home? Naturally Aged Flooring provides pattern, smooth, distressed, and wire-brushed hardwood.


Out of all the texturing techniques, the smooth finish offers a refined, polished look. Featuring flat and even layers, this style is perfect for a classy home environment. Also, this texture infuses a timeless, classic feel in your space. At Go Mobile Flooring, we have options of glossy or matte finishes.


Hardwood patterns are increasingly popular in the world of design. They shape the look of your flooring and have a lot to do with furniture placement. However, there’s more to keep in mind with hardwood patterns than texture. It needs to blend well with the rest of the room. Some examples of hardwood patterns include straight, random, parquet, or herringbone.


The texture of distressed hardwood can be visibly seen and sensed with the touch. The processes leading to distressed hardwood could include hand-scraping, sculpting, or aging. So, it’s perfect for homes inspired by rustic, antique, and boho interior design!


Wire brushed finishes offer visual interest and resemble the texture without revealing dirt and scratches. This finish is most commonly the perfect balance between smooth and distressed hardwood flooring.

At Your Service

At Go Mobile Flooring, we have plenty of hardwood options to help you transform your home. Whether you need a luxurious entryway, a durable work area, or coordinated designs and colors, we remove the hassle of traveling around to compare and price the options. We believe your time is valuable and we ensure quality service to meet your needs. Contact us today to start on your next project and we will bring our mobile showroom to your front door.