Now Hear This: The Best Flooring For A Media Room

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There are a few essential elements for a great in-home media room: an awesome high-definition screen, comfortable seating, and a rocking sound system. If you’re thinking of adding a media room to your home, here’s one aspect you may not have considered – flooring. The right flooring can enhance the media room experience by insulating the sound and effecting the acoustics. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best flooring for a media room.

Reducing Reverb

A hardwood or laminate floor is often people’s first choice for an in-home media room – it won’t deaden the sound like carpet might. However, hardwood floors create a surface that will reverberate the sound throughout the room. If you’ve spent any significant money on a sound system, this might lead to issues with audio clarity. If you like the look of hardwood, consider adding area rugs. Strategically placed, they can deaden the sound in the right ways and keep your sound system clear as crystal.

Ceramic tile is another option; however, reverb could pose an issue. Area rugs and strategically placed wall panels can help to trap the sound and stop the reverberations. This will help to keep your sound clear and clean.

Comfy Carpet

Aside from the delight of sinking your bare feet into soft carpeting, carpet is the best flooring for a media room. An added benefit of carpet is its close proximity to bass speakers which means they absorb more of those deep booming noises. This greatly helps with the clarity of your sound system.

Suitable and Stylish

Regardless of the choice you make, the best flooring for a media room is one that fits within your personal aesthetic, as well as your budget. It’s just important not to overlook the flooring as a key component in your design. Making the right choice will lead to years of in-home media enjoyment and getting even more out of your investment.

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