Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Country



For décor to kindle a feeling of “home sweet home,” we are pleased to provide a selection of kitchen cabinets influenced by a country design style. These cabinets feature a timeless, natural appearance to create an atmosphere of familiarity, instantly making any kitchen a warmer, cozier space to complement a lifestyle of country charm.

Keeping true country values in mind when crafting this selection of cabinets, we understand that country kitchens are meant to be used. This means that durability and functionality are our top priority. Our country selection demonstrates our commitment to producing quality cabinets out of lasting materials including hardier woods like cherry, oak, maple, and hickory, and we pride ourselves on our superior craftsmanship that results in a sturdy structure.

Just because we design our country cabinets to be used, doesn’t mean that we don’t want them to be admired as well. Raised-panel doors, beadboard, and decorative panels are some of the features that give this selection of cabinets country flair. A selection of country inspired colors is also available in addition to a natural wood finish to enhance the design of the cabinets. These added design elements give warmth and character to represent your personal taste.