Prepare For the Winter with Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Although Florida isn’t prone to snowy weather, it does get quite chilly. Everyone deserves to escape the bitterness of winter climate and come home to warm and comfy luxury. This winter, you can prepare by installing radiant floor heating systems. There are many different systems you and your family can consider. With radiant floor heating, your home will be warmer than ever. The cozier your home, the less dreadful your winter experience can be. Read on to learn more about how these systems will benefit you.Prepare For the Winter with Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Electric Radiant Heat

One way of installing heating systems is by electric radiant heat. A system of pipes and wires run below the surface of the floor and gently radiate heat into the room. Electric radiant heaters bring comfort to your feet and are very flexible when it comes to types of flooring. They are especially effective on flooring surfaces that tend to be naturally cool. For example, a bathroom. Check out one of our previous articles to see what heated flooring in your bathroom can do. Various techniques exist to install electric radiant heating systems such as by using rolls, cables, or floor mats.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Another method of installation is by hydronic heating. Having great energy efficiency, this alternative uses heated water through a system of tubes and is ideal for wiring an entire house. Not to mention, there are three different types of hydronic heating systems: baseboard, hydro-air, and hydronic radiant heating. Painted steel on the baseboard units hides hot water pipes that are surrounded by metal fins. This helps to radiate the heat. Similarly, hydronic radiant systems use hot water pumped through plastic tubing installed beneath the floor’s surface. As for hydro-air, ductwork and at least one air handler are required.

Air-Heated Radiant Flooring

Being the least common, air heated radiant systems circulate hot air as the heating method. However, because air can’t hold a great deal of heat, they are not commonly installed for residential purposes. Radiant heat does not change the air moisture content in the home. Therefore, humidifiers and heaters are no longer necessary in order to maintain a comfortable living space. This results in additional savings to your electricity bill.

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