Some Things to Consider When Updating Your Floors


A flooring update can have significant impact on your home’s property value.

Updating your flooring isn’t just exciting; it will breathe new life into your home! But any type of home renovation, exciting as they may be, can come at high cost and cause considerable stress. When it comes to floor updates, carefully weighing your options and knowing what you want will ensure that your flooring update is a positive and satisfying experience. Here are just a few things to  consider when updating your floors.

Know what you want!

Flooring updates are among the most costly and impactful home renovations out there, so the first thing you’ll want to do is determine your flooring and your budget. Though new flooring doesn’t always have to break the bank, which flooring you choose certainly becomes a permanent fixture in your home and the choice will be with you for years. Additionally, a flooring update can have significant impact on your home’s property value so don’t hold back unless absolutely necessary. Remember, there’s no shame in being fussy and ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you want with your investment.

Split Personality

Another important flooring concern is the “sight line,” meaning an onlooker’s perspective or line of view from any position in the house. While some transitions are natural (from wood in the common room to tile in the kitchen, for example), having divergent materials can make the line of view seem cluttered and make the space seem small and uneven, so keep material changes to a minimum whenever possible. Well-thought-out flooring plans use synergetic materials and colors that wed and open the space in your home. Choosing your flooring materials wisely and carefully assessing what’s right for your home and what works with your budget will help you save time and avoid costly regrets.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.