Backsplash for the Kitchen

There are two areas in your home that benefit greatly with the addition of backsplashes: kitchens and bathrooms. Backsplash for the kitchen is a great addition because it helps when it comes to clean-up, and it adds a stylish element of beauty.

Backsplash for the Kitchen

Backsplash for the Kitchen Protects the Walls

While the ultimate intention of a backsplash is to protect permeable wall structures from the soak and splatter of water, grease and cooking materials, backsplashes make it much easier for a homeowner to maintain a clean kitchen design.

The most obvious benefit of backsplash is around the counters and especially behind sinks. This is common sense. Water damage can stain and destroy both drywall surfaces and wooden panels. This problem is eliminated with ceramic tile backsplash.

Backsplash for the Kitchen Enhances the Workspace

If you’re contemplating a kitchen counter backsplash for your home, your first task will be to determine which materials you want to use.

Tiles are the most common and usually they are made of ceramic. There are numerous options on the market so you can perfectly align the design features of your kitchen. Adding backsplash around your counters involves more than just additional material; it also means an enhanced appearance.

Backsplash for the Kitchen Improves the Beauty of the Area

The backsplash is where you can really have fun with your material choice and your application. Tile is usually the way to go. Ceramic is the traditional choice. And, you can never go wrong with white subway tile. But, there are also, many options in glass, and even antiqued mirror. Your back splash decision doesn’t stop with the choice of tiles. Traditionally, a back splash is a few inches high. But choose something different for more impact. Go higher up the wall, either halfway, or even all the way to the ceiling.

Designers know the power of imagination, and it is the core of creativity. Whether you employ an interior designer or take on the role yourself, it is tremendously satisfying to turn your kitchen work area into a piece of art. You could say “masterpiece” if you really like it!

Backsplash for the Kitchen Increases Resale Value

Even if you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, upgrades are a good idea and a great investment. If you do sell your home, the added value of kitchen improvements far exceed the cost of installation.

By adding backsplash in your kitchen, you are giving yourself a perfect excuse to create a beautiful and practical area where you spend a lot of time. Go for it!