Cabinets and Floors: Dynamic Partners!

The design of a beautiful kitchen needs a plan for the cabinets and floors. It cannot be a chance piecing together of shiny cabinets and hardwood floors. Color, texture, and patterns may compliment one another, or they may clash. Let’s allow that each home owner has different tastes or preferences. But still, there are a few basic design principles that need to be adhered to for success.

Consumers think everything has to match, but the pros mix.

  • Laura Dalzell, owner and president of Cabinets & Designs, Inc. in Lexington, KY.

COLOR matters with Cabinets and Floors

Cabinets and Floors Dynamic Partners

It is tempting to color match cabinets and floors, but usually not a good idea.

First: It is nearly impossible to get an EXACT match with your cabinets and floors.

Second: If the match in not exact, it will CLASH with your cabinets and floors.

Third: If your cabinets and floors are the same color, they will be BORING.

So make it happen with contrasting or complimentary colors. And remember to mix – not match. This same goes for texture and patterns . . .

TEXTURE matters with Cabinets and Floors

Texture is a more challenging design effort. But the only thing to keep in mind is that everything is not the same. If all of the cabinets and floors are shiny and glossy, it will be too cold or even annoying. If everything is soft, furry, or smooth, it will be too hushed and it will be distracting. Find the perfect balance by blending textures that compliment one another. The space you create will be well worth the effort.

PATTERNS matter with Cabinets and Floors

Notice in the photos above the variety of patterns in these gorgeous kitchens. Most large retail big-box stores have in house contractors available for advice. Also, they can give you the business numbers of interior designers and builders. Look at their floor mock ups and get a feel for what inspires you. Now go and create a masterpiece with the cabinets and floors in your kitchen.