Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Your hardwood floors are the most used part of your house or apartment. Think about the daily usage of your floors. Without even thinking about it, you and your family uses floors constantly every day. It would be foolish not to pay attention to hardwood floor maintenance in your home. When your floors begin to show wear and tear, you have three options to consider: REFINISH, REPAIR, or REPLACE.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Usually Only Requires A REFINISH Project

Refinish, refinish, refinish. In almost every case it is preferable to refinish your floors rather than replace them.  MacWoods.com

A prestigious salon in the Orlando area set up business in a second floor unit in an old building. The place was a mess. It was filthy, paint was peeling from the walls, and the floors were drab and stained. But the owner noticed they were hardwood floors and the rooms had crown molding. He saw potential. After a few weeks of work the space was beautiful and the salon clients love the environment as much as the services!

Refinishing can be accomplished at various levels:

  • SIMPLE: clean & wax
  • MODERATE: clean, re-stain, and wax
  • COMPLEX: clean, strip, re-stain, and wax

Depending on the condition of the floors, any of these options will do the trick. Almost anybody can do the first one, your Dad can do the second one, and (with help from a home improvement store) Dad can probably do the third one as well.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Options


Hardwood Floor Maintenance Occasionally Requires REPAIRS To Be Made

In some cases the erosion and wear and tear may have caused serious damage to hardwood floors. In this case you may not be able to do it yourself, and it might even be over Dad’s head. The worst-case scenario is if the underlying floor is ruined. This would require a construction project to replace the sub-flooring or even the wooden beams. Fortunately, in most cases that won’t be the case.

Minors repairs can be done rather easily. Sometimes a board is loose or bulging and glue or nails could solve the problem. Often corners and edges can be fixed simply by replacing the baseboards.