Selecting the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabninets

Having a great kitchen is all about choosing the right kitchen cabinets.

As an often high traffic, multi-purpose space, kitchens not only provide us with a room that inspires cooking, but a room in which many great things happen. From friendly conversations to lively family gatherings, the kitchen does it all. So naturally, we want our kitchens to be as charming and inviting as they are lovely. Having a great kitchen is all about choosing the right kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Types

There are three basic types of cabinetry and each offer a unique advantage.

• Custom cabinets can be made to your taste, can match any color and have almost no style or fit limitations. However, custom cabinetry comes at a steeper price.

• The other types—semi-custom and stock cabinetry, have more limitations when it comes to style and fit, but can cost significantly less than a custom job.

Wood Finish

If you are going for a classic feel and working with wood, consider three important details: type, color and grain. Wood types can be classified as hard (think oak, hickory, maple or cherry) or soft (such as pine, spruce, or cedar). Grain and color will depend on the type of wood—cherry, for example, is well known for its reddish-brown finish which darkens over time.

Keep in mind that there are many great options for wood types that are beautiful and reasonably priced. Which wood type you choose will depend on your budget, how often the cabinets will be used and the overall look you plan for your kitchen, so consider it carefully.

Kitchens are the heart of every home and great cabinetry is at the heart of every great kitchen. Taking the time to work out a budget, packing yourself with  information and carefully considering your options will pay great dividends when you’re standing in the beautiful new kitchen of your dreams.

This post was written by Thais Sousa. Follow Thais on Google.